What’s a Good Math Teacher Worth???

On the front page, of the Thursday, Feb. 21, Daily Oklahoman, was a headline that Oklahoma Sooner Coach, Bob Stoops, was the Six-Million Dollar Man…after bonuses.

Now unlike the fictional Steve Austin, Stoops didn’t have to crash land a test plane, and he doesn’t have to chase the bad guys…the Security Force in Phoenix malls does that for him. All Stoops had to do to earn $6 million, was to win a national championship within, I believe his first three years, and be man enough to honor a contract he signed about ten years ago. For you see, Bob will get a bonus this next December, for having coached the Sooners for ten years. Now Bob won’t get the traditional ham or turkey, no siree-bob…Bob. He’ll get $3 million on Dec. 31, 2008, Happy New Year!!! This on top of $2.77 million guaranteed and other little bennies that’ll put him at or above $6 million. Milburn Drysdale would have loved this guy.

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Now I daresay I own more Sooner T-shirts than anyone in Cimarron County. I am a fan. I can remember the 47 game winning streak, and it’s subsequent loss. I can remember when Tommy McDonald and Jerry Tubbs were Sooners AND Dallas Cowboys.

I also believe that God is a Sooners fan…for if pricked do we not bleed crimson? If he weren’t a fan we’d bleed burnt orange, or blue or purple, or ordinary red. And that dismal team in South Bend??? Please, Green and Gold? Hah.

But what is Bob Stoops really? He’s a coach that teaches men a boy’s game.

Joe Castiglione, Stoops underpaid boss tried to stick his finger in the dollar dike and gushed how by paying Stoops $6 million, the football program is affected, the campus is better for it and indeed the entire state realizes an economic impact. Really? I wish he’d come out here to the Panhandle and show me first hand some of that impact…if he can find the Panhandle or Cimarron County. Maybe he can get directions from Governor Henry.

In the article, Castiglione rattles off several multimillion dollar programs affected by OU football including a $1 million contribution toward the library. That’s all well and good, but I’d like to know if Stoops only made a paltry million or so, how that other $5 million might better serve the university, or education state wide. I’ve got an idea, the Oklahoma legislature is consistently mandating teacher’s salaries in secondary schools. Those are unfunded mandates. I wonder how many schools, (read rural schools), could be helped or saved, with Bob Stoops loose $5 million in change?

The word for the week is rational.

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