Rhiaannon by

Riannon Toon

Hello all,

This week I turned… Very old!  A lady never reveals her age!  For my birthday party my favorite cousin, Uncle, and parents took me to Wonderland Theme Park in Amarillo, TX. My favorite ride, the Rainbow is like a giant chair filled with little chairs that hold you in place while you go up and down… but not upside-down.  My second favorite, The Pirate, looks like a pirate ship that swings back and forth… I like it… that’s why it’s my second favorite!  I also just adore the one that I went on about five trillion times.  It is like a water coaster you go straight up and when you get to the top you go around and just drop. You get very, very, very wet.  All in all I loved Wonderland!

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We also improved (Or Destroyed) my grandmother’s shed!  We repainted it white then painted flowers all over it!  Mom said it was a legal way to get to spray paint and my uncle just needed a graffiti experience. The neighbors said it was “Colorful” and “Amusing”!  Preachers have to be diplomatic in all situations!  But my grandmother likes it so that’s all that matters!  Every time she looks out her window it will remind her of how much her family loves her.My cousin came to visit for the week after he went to the lake, and was awfully sunburned… I recently got my first sunburn, and will never make fun of him again! We both despise the sunburns and I plan to stay in my home and avoid the sun forever!All in all this week was great (except for the sunburn) and I hope yours was just as fun! I will be out of town for a few days while I am gone to G.A. camp but you will hear about that some other time!

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