This President is such a Lame Duck He Limps

It seems that I remember nearly eight years ago, that now President George Bush told the nation that he felt God had called him to be President…or something to that effect.

This last week, the president announced that he would veto legislation calling for an end to waterboarding as a device used to extract information from those known to be or thought to be terrorists.

I have to wonder if God told him to veto?

Bush seemed to be dumbfounded that anyone would want to end such a “…valuable tool in our war on terror.”

What a load of bull. Trust me, on Sept. 10, 2001, and perhaps several weeks thereafter, waterboarding was, in the United States, considered to be torture; and in some minds it still is.

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I daresay that anyone advocating the waterboarding of a supposed terrorist, would find the same treatment inflicted upon their son, daughter, husband or wife, to be torture…pure and simple.

You can bet, G.W. doesn’t want Laura, Jenna or Barbara waterboarded.

If it was torture on Sept. 10, 2001, it’s torture on March 12, 2008.


The President, in his ongoing infinite wisdom, has decided that as a nation with a faltering economy, (read two wars financed on tax cuts), what we need is more tax money back, with an admonition to spend not save the $300- $600 checks we’ll get…as soon as we pay our taxes…is this making sense yet???

Meanwhile, the IRS, in their infinite wisdom has decided that a letter, (costing about $42 million), is the way to tell the U.S. taxpayer they’ll be getting more money back, assuming that no one watches the 6 o’clock news. Are there any questions as to why America has a deficit of several Trillion dollars?

First of all having to tell Americans to spend money is a waste of breath, since we Americans save LESS than any industrialized nation in the world.


The President in our ongoing battle with global terrorism has agreed to “Modernize Poland’s Armed Forces. As I read this I wondered if he’d consulted with former Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld…if you remember when the word got out that OUR troops were trying to fight without suitable body and vehicle armor, Rumsfeld’s smug answer was “You go to war with the army you have.” Well Poland tried that in 1939; mounted Cavalry against German didn’t work. I have no problem in helping our allies…but I read somewhere we were spending $12 billion a day in Iraq…but don’t forget we have tax cuts…and we’re gonna get a check back!!!


But we really have nothing to fear…because the President has sent Vice-President Dick Cheney to the Middle East to broker a lasting peace between the Palestinians and Isreal…yeah he’s the man for that job.

While the V.P. is in the neighborhood, maybe he can get Iran’s Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, to give up his enriched plutonium…what a dream.

If anyone is whispering in the President’s ear these ain’t God.

The word for the week, courtesy of Dan Gilland is Kismet



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