A big judychange is a foot at The Yellow Horse in Boise City

Judy Dawson, the owner of Boise City’s Yellow Horse Eatery paints a display rack, in aticipation of her new Spring opening March 20th.

Spring is both traditionally and in reality, a time for new life. So it is for Boise City’s Yellow Horse Eatery on East Main Street. The restaurant is making changes in it’s menu and adding crafts. The whole thing kicks off next Thursday, the first day of Spring. The eatery, the only one like it in Cimarron County tried to, and has, filled a missing niche in dining out on Cimarron county food.


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The owner, Judy Dawson has chosen to steer away from the ordinary cuisine of Cimarron County restaurants. “I didn’t want to infringe, so I serve no Mexican food, no barbecue. I’ve even been asked when we’ll buy a deep fryer..and it’s probably never,” she smiled. The Yellow Horse serves what some have dubbed..a healthier menu. “Who doesn’t like fried foods? We all do, because it tastes so good,” Dawson said. Instead, Dawson has gone with hearty soups, loaded baked potatoes, baked chicken dinners, and meatloaves. Answering a call for some changes, she has recently added specialty sandwiches such as Rubens and ham and Cheese. Along with that comes a change in hours, now opening at 9 a.m. serving homemade cinnamon rolls and serving meals until 2 p.m. and again at 6 p.m. She has specialty coffees, featuring Starbucks. In addition she has brought in specialty candies from Lake Champlain, Vt.; and Feridies nuts from Virginia. She will be an outlet for Wood Wick Candles, Christian Crafts, and she will feature crafts made locally. OHP Trooper Duane Johnson will market wind chimes made from old silverware, cards and photographs and mouse pads. (Johnson is exclusive to The Yellow Horse.) Card Crafter Bonnie Warner will display a line of her homemade greeting cards. Dawson herself has created and will sell, boot and stirrup bouquets, and rope wreathes. C.P.A. Ed Desbien will display his avocation, wooden frames and gravity-defying wine racks. The March 20th kickoff will be highlighted by Cimarron County singing sensation Kassidi Smith and her group from South Plains College in Levelland, Texas.





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  1. I stopped in at the Yellow Horse Eatery a few weeks ago, on a cross-country road trip. It was great to see this article– thanks!

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