by Duane Johnson- #280

   Oklahoma Highway Patrol

        They are posted!!!
During my travels the past couple of weeks I noticed that our county commissioners and county employees have finished posting most of the paved county roads in Cimarron County with the 55 mph county road speed limit.  I requested this last year and I know it took considerable time and effort to get this done.
The county road speed limit in Oklahoma has been 55 mph for decades and many counties have even passed resoutions to reduce that as low as 40 mph.  I feel this makes it fair to everyone especially since we border four other states. 

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Many thanks to our commissioners for getting this done.  It will save lives, injuries and money.  Not to mention it makes our county look a little better when people get tickets for speeding.  Now no one can ask “Why isn’t the speed limit posted?”……..  Believe me, 55 mph is fast enough on county roads.  Even good ones like we have in Cimarron County.
Trooper Duane Johnson #280
Oklahoma Highway Patrol 


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