Oklahoma to get Dome Stadium…

Oklahoma City— A group of investors represented by Jerry Kobyluk, announced today that they plan to build a 100,000 seat Dome Stadium which will cost 1.2 Billion dollars, in one of three possible locations in the central Oklahoma vicinity.

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The Dome Stadium will be the largest of it’s kind in North America. It will have a natural grass retractable field on a Hitachi track system that can be removed in forty-five minutes or replaced in the same amount of time. “The retractable roof is three and a half acres in size,” Kobyluk said. The construction phase will create forty-five hundred jobs for Oklahomans, and take thirty-nine months until completion. The multipurpose facility offers an endless amount of opportunities for football, soccer, basketball, boxing, rodeos, concerts, etc. The facility will have 158 corporate suites and over 1 million feet of convention space. “The benefits from this massive project will create tax revenues for schools, roads, and other infrastructure and will be an enormous economic boost for the entire State of Oklahoma,” Kobyluk said.

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