From the eyes of a Child… 

 by  Rhiannon Toon

 Hello all,   This week we had the pleasure of   going to Stillwater, Oklahoma and Muskogee, Oklahoma. Dad had to do some business in Stillwater, so my mother and I decided to go with him. I only went so I could see my cousin who lives there. After a couple of days in Stillwater we got to go to Muskogee so we could see our family. Trinity (my niece) has started walking! We also got to see my brothers, my sister, my other niece, and my Aunt Shirley and Uncle Joe.

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 It was like a family reunion, but it was fun. The other cool part about staying in Muskogee for several days was I got to see some of my friends I haven’t seen in forever. The most fun was seeing Rachel and Lindsay because we have been friends since we were in diapers! They sure have changed a lot. Rachel and Lindsay both answered the door and I didn’t even recognize them!  It’s so sad that the only thing different about me is I am taller and my hair is shorter… but soon, soon I tell you I will be different. I will no longer look like a child. On June 13th I will be a teenager!! Yes, it is true June 13th 2008 I turn 13! It is rather ironic that my birthday is on Friday the 13th. My mother says that I already act like a teen because truly the only thing that kept me from going insane on this little expedition was my mother’s cell phone. I say that because, if I didn’t have that I would have been out of contact with friends here at home for a week… I could have just curled up and died! I always have to keep in touch with my friends…

Finally we start on our way home. It was 70 degrees in Muskogee, but by the time we got here there was a blizzard in my front yard.

That’s not the only different thing; people there aren’t nice at all. It’s terrible, people don’t wave at you when they drive by, and they don’t smile. It’s a very depressed town, nothing like Boise City, we smile constantly, and we always wave at EVERYONE! Even though Muskogee is where I was raised, I don’t really want to go back unless we have to. I am much happier living in one of the smallest towns in the west!

So now we are home, from now on my parents will have to drag me from my house kicking and screaming if they want to take me there again! All in all it was an okay trip because I got to see friends and family. I am just happy to be home where I belong.

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