As a Group, Humans Share A Lot With Sheep

by C.F. David,

     I am descended from a family who was politically aware. Were my mother ever to come back to haunt me, it wouldn’t be about for whom I voted, but for having not voted.

I was first old enough to vote for president in 1968, and I cast that vote at Soutar Memorial Library. In the 40 years hence I have voted all over the ballot.

It was however, 1960, when I first learned how much we humans are like sheep.

In 1960, John F. Kennedy, a Roman Catholic and a Democrat was running against Richard Nixon, a Quaker Republican. A good portion of the U.S., at least here in the Plains states feared the idea of a Catholic gaining the White House. (It was perhaps my parents only prejudice.) Ministers preached from the pulpit and letters were passed between church members and between denominations about the fearful possibility of the Pope controlling the day to day decisions of the president. But as we were to learn, he couldn’t, and he didn’t even try.

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Fast forward now to this fall’s 2008 election. The Republicans have chosen John McCain after another fearful concern about Mitt Romney and the scary, (to some), possibility that a Mormon might be president.

Many are frightened that Hillary will win the Democratic nomination and choose Bill as a running mate, (believe it or not, there are e-mails addressing that possibility). But it can’t and won’t happen.

But nothing is to compare with the dung that is continually being thrown at Barack Obama.

Folks, he is descended from a Muslim, but he IS NOT a Muslim. He is a member of a Trinity United Church of Christ Church and the idea of his being a Muslim should be quashed forever after videos of his minister, the Rev. Jeremiah Wright Jr., spewing forth with as much racist bigotory as has been heard at some KKK rallies. The Reverend, (I use the word loosely), has surely embarrassed God, the memory of the late Reverend Martin Luther King, and I would hope Mr. Obama, who once called Wright one of his spiritual advisors.

Having watched videos of Wright asking God to damn America, and denigrating Hillary Clinton, because….(and I’m quoting Wright here),

“….Hillary ain’t never been called a nigger.”

As repugnant as I find that word from the lips of a white man, I find it exponentially so from a black minister.

It is my belief that Wright has been sucked up into political rather than spiritual rhetoric. Perhaps the IRS needs to tap the church for a couple months of taxes, for those were political speeches.

As of right now, Wright is no spiritual leader, and he wasn’t even trying to live by the example of Christ, or Rev. King. What he said was much worse than the statement for which Geraldine Ferraro was vilified

If Obama’s been following, or even excusing, Wright’s lead, he is as much a blindly following sheep as those who have insisted he is a Muslim. He needs to forcefully distance himself.

We are a nation, founded on religious freedoms, and individual thought. We need to stop following someone that has a “bell” around their neck, and return to thinking for ourselves.

Our would-be-leaders, however, seem to have more to fear from their “so-called friends” than they do from sworn enemies.

The word for the week is rodomontade, (courtesy of Dan Gilland)



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