Happy Birthday

Rosie Henley a former resident of Boise City for more than 50 years will be celebrating her 95th birthday on March 29th. Rosie has been at Plum Creek Health Care in Amarillo since 2006 and is doing remarkably well. She is involved in arts and crafts, does physically therapy,goes for daily walks, has a beauty appointment every week, and enjoys visiting with the many new friends. After attending the Pentecostal Holiness Church in Boise City for more than 50 years, one of her greatest joys is attending church services again. Her faith is stronger than ever and she is always there to give “Grandma advice,” or pray for anyone who has a need. She is truly the one that holds our family together. We are very blessed to have her. Her family now consists of 5 children, 11 great grandchildren, and 19 great, great grandchilren with a new addition coming in June. She fondly remembers friends in Boise City and would love hearing from them. Her mind is very sharp and she reads and is able to write quite well. You may contact her at: Rosie Henley, c/o Plum Creek Specialty Hospital and Health Care..5601 Plum Creek Drive, Room 113-C- North, Amarillo, Texas 79124

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