Authors Visit Boise City

Rilla Askew, center visited the Soutar Memorial Library on Monday and read from her novel “Fire in Beulah” which was set in the early 1920s during the oil boom, and the Tulsa Race Riot. The book was the last of four chosen for the state’s statewide reading program, an official Centennial project that made literature and history part of the state’s 100th birthday commemoration in 2007. Askew, is a fifth generation Sooner and teaches at OU each spring. She and her husband, playwright and poet Paul Austin run a free theater in upstate New York.

Manuel Roybal, left, of Guymon and formerly of Keyes, came Friday to Loaf-n-Jug with his grandson Payton to sell books and poetry they have written. Payton age 11 has been writing about a year, following in Manuel’s footsteps. His poem “Heaven” won a blue ribbon and was reserve grand champion at the Texas County Free Fair. Much of Manuel’s poetry honors veterans. He brought several books and two poems, “The Child” about the sweetheart left behind not being able to “…wait.”, and “The Special Few” of how God has selected some to be soldiers

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