Guymon Daily Herald

All-Star Fastpitch Team Pitchers

Stats, and team choices courtsey of GDH

Sports Editor-Eric Viccaro

Photos, courtsey of Kikki Alvarez

Jaci McGill, Forgan, MVP; Emily Chockley, Beaver; Mallorie Moore, Guymon; Lindsay Alvarez, Boise City Catchers Christa Mounsey, Beaver; Ashley Underwood, Forgan; Alison Peacock, Guymon, editor’s choice pick Infielders Jenny Trippet, Forgan, second base; Janene Estala, Beaver, third base; Brittany McBee, Hooker, first base; Tiffany Williams, Yarbrough/Goodwell, second base/shortstop; Lyndsey White, Tyrone, first base/third base; Daryne Foote, Guymon, shortstop and Chandler Daffern, Boise City, second base Outfielders Angela Albright, Turpin, center field; Tawny Mills, Hooker, right field moved from left; Jade Cruzan, Guymon, left field; Jordan Hale, Guymon, third base moved to the outfield; Miranda Lopez, Forgan, shortstop moved to outfield; Stephanie Tooley, Boise City, shortstop moved to outfield; Brie Jones, Beaver, first base moved to outfield.

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Honorable Mentions

Kalli Ritterbush and Iris Jaquez, Forgan; Maegan Rider, Amanda Becker and Yareli Resendez, Turpin; Destiny Thrash, Calye Cochran and Danessa Ramirez, Boise City; Ellie Bridwell, Beaver; Mandie Slack, Guymon; Tia Witt, Hooker; Tasha Duvall, Tyrone; Kayla Helms and Amber Bartlett, Yarbrough/Goodwell.Notes: Four infielders were moved to the outfield because coaches selected mainly infielders at the top of their nomination lists. A representative from all eight fastpitch softball playing schools in the Panhandle made the squad. The sports editor selected the most valuable player and editor’s choice picks, and the remaining players were chosen based on nominations from the area coaches.




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