by Duane Johnson #280

“Loud “


Someone asked a few days ago about whether it is OK to take a new vehicle and “put loud exhaust on it”.  Oklahoma law and I suspect in almost all other states says you may not modify exhaust systems to increase noise.  Granted a lot of people do and that is not a law that is heavily enforced.  It is however illegal.



 I must admit a good Flowmaster exhaust system does sound good but if louder than the vehicle was from the factory it is a violation.  I wonder sometimes if we may see the day the Federal Government might require the states to enforce “original equipment” exhaust and emission standards or threaten to take away Federal highway and bridge funds.  This has happened in regards to speed limits, minors and alcohol issues etc. 

 If you choose to spend your money to modify your exhaust system and especially to remove a converter you risk having to spend money at some point in the future to change it back.  Maybe, maybe not.  With all the push toward “green” and tougher emission standards I think I’ll keep mine factory………

 Aside from law enforcement and OHP issues I thought I might start adding a little something to my semi-weekly conversations.  Anyone who knows me well might have noticed I have a fondness for “Wise Old Sayings”.  Most of these are true to an extreme if you really watch people and pay attention.  In the future I’ll always try to add one at the end of my columns.  I’ll start this week with my absolute favorite which I see to be true in every walk of life, every profession and every community.

“Birds of a feather flock together”………….





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