Hello everyone.

This week’s article starts at the free circus, but ends at a tear jerking performance by Mel Gibson just kidding.   


Last Friday my friends and I went to the free circus at the fair building. This is the first circus I have gone to since we moved here. It was really cool.

One of the crowd’s favorite attractions was the Albino ball python. They brought it out so people could hold it and have their pictures taken with it. Three of my friends and I held him but they wouldn’t let me hold the head so I got to stand with his tail around my neck and shoulders.

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 There was a girl who could do all these weird tricks and stuff while climbing on a rope. Before she started climbing ropes she swirled hula hoops on her belly adding one at a time until she had around twenty going at the same time.

 The only thing that I absolutely hated was the clowns. I am terrified of them. (Coulrophobia-Ed.) I don’t know why I have always been afraid of clowns. Maybe it’s not so crazy to be afraid of them. One of my friends got beat up by the two-year-old clown during intermission. We all thought it was hilarious but I wouldn’t have wanted to be the person who was attacked. She was the funniest clown probably because I have never been to a circus with children clowns.

The very best part of the evening was the cotton candy. I had four bags of it and a snow cone! My friends were eating their share too so needless to say we were slightly hyper! Then we all went to one of my friend’s house for the night…where I had two cokes and managed to stay up until 4:30 in the morning talking to one of my friends.

All in all this was an interesting week filled with amazing feats, and cotton candy! I hope you have a blessed week.

























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Hello all,
Well Easter has been quite an experience!
But I won’t spoil the surprise, so you’ll just have to read it all!
Okay, it all started with Spring break. My niece, Tamia, came for the week of Spring Break.
The cool part is in an unusual twist of events, Easter was during spring break. My 7 year old niece hasn’t ever celebrated Easter. So we got gourds she had helped us collect from the side of the road last year and painted them up to look like Easter eggs! Two of my friends assisted my niece, my mom, and me. It was so much fun! But mom wouldn’t let us have a paint fight in the kitchen. I don’t understand her sometimes!
After we managed to paint a bunch of gourds, we took them outside and mom hid them, and we hunted for Easter eggs! I get very competitive, so I was trying to beat my niece, and my friend! It was close but my niece beat us… all! It was kind of funny that mom had to hide the prize “egg” several times so we all could find it and be the winner!
We had a bunch of other fun things planned but didn’t get it all done. Her parents had to have her back because they missed her so much we didn’t keep her the whole week. I think it’s funny my mom has only raised 6 kids, but Anita was nervous to let us keep her kid for such a long time! Mom threatened to get a box of Band-aids and put them all over Tamia right before she went home just to get a reaction but decided we might get in trouble. Maybe this summer we will get to keep her longer because she went home safe and sound from this trip.
After Tamia left we also did the Kenton Easter Pageant. It’s amazing how many people come to see it, and how many people are in it! There are so many people working behind all of that to make it possible too. There are people who do the food, the director, the costume fixers, and many others. But my favorite of all is the food and spending time with my friends.
We are glad to have become part of such a wonderful tradition in this community and can’t wait until next year to do it all again. I pray that you have a blessed week! See you soon.

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