Cam Foreman Honored by OSU

Cam Foreman,

1977 Animal Science graduate of Oklahoma State University, was recognized as an OSU Distinguished Alumni on Saturday, April 5, 2008, in Stillwater, Oklahoma. The OSU Distinguished Alumni award is presented to only one or two individuals annually. These individuals are recognized as leaders in their respective area of animal agriculture, and are noted to have made significant contributions to the advancement of animal agriculture on a national and international level.

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Cam Foreman is currently the Executive Director of Shows and Regional Services for the American Quarter Horse Association. He earned a Bachelor of Science in Animal Science from Oklahoma State University. Following graduation, he managed the Oklahoma Beef Inc. Bull Test Station in Stillwater, Oklahoma for a short period of time prior to joining the staff of the American Quarter Horse Journal in 1978. He then went to work for the American Quarter Horse Association in 1979, where he has held numerous positions.

Cam currently oversees the shows, amateur, professional horsemen, international, drug testing and regional services departments of AQHA. He also serves as General Manager of the AQHA World Championship Show, Ford AQHYA World Championship Show and the AQHA Bayer Select World Championship Show.

His responsibilities include the approval of the 3,200 AQHA approved shows and events held each year, and the processing of the results from these events. The shows and events have some 900,000 entries annually and are held in all 50 states and some 28 international countries. He oversees the international efforts of AQHA, which has 32 affiliates and 38,500 members worldwide. He assisted with the effort to get reining approved as the first western discipline with the International Equestrian Federation (FEI) and served as a steward at the first FEI event for reining at the World Equestrian Games in Jerez, Spain in 2002.

As General Manager of the world shows, Cam annually directs more than 3,000 entries in the $2.6 million AQHA World Championship Show, the largest single equine breed championship competition in the world. He guides the Ford AQHYA World Championship Show, which has approximately 2,000 entries every year, and is the largest youth world championship show, as well as the AQHA Bayer Select World Championship Show, which has 1,000 entries of amateur exhibitors who are 50 years of age and older.

Additionally, Cam oversees six Regional Representatives who are liaisons between AQHA and its 340,000 plus members, traveling all over the country attending shows, sales, events, and visiting breeders and owners of the American Quarter Horse.

Cam is a native of Felt, Oklahoma and has been married to his wife, Lisa, for 23 years and they have one son, Hayden.

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