Trailers and safety chains…….

 Something a few people don’t realize is when pulling a trailer with a pickup or passenger vehicle is that you must have safety chains. Not a regular violation in this area as far as what I see but it does happen. If pulling a trailer it must be equipped with safety chains attached to the towing vehicle which are capable of keeping the trailer attached in the event of a hitch or ball failure. Even “goose neck” style hitches must have these. Being farm equipment does not exempt you from this safety requirement. Some might say they have never had a trailer come loose. I have worked a few crashes where that has happened. If the trailer becomes a run-away it may hit someone so it is important to check the hitch and ball often and have in place those safety chains……..

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  1. Ron Melancon says:

    Please go to my web site at

    You will find that we have a problem here with loose trailers.

    over 400 people are killed a year and yes they even kill police officers.

    Officer Ziegler back in 2001 so what do they do?
    They name a highway after him in 2004 he was a father of 4.

    Nobody bothered to ask why did the trailer come loose in the first place. Then in the same state another trailer comes loose and takes a head off of a man and then it gets worse… crooks then robbed his house because they saw the death notice in the paper.

    Then just last week another loose trailer kills a women in the same state.

    Download the brochure from my web site the state is MO.

  2. Ron Melancon says:

    Please go to my web site at

    A family was just wiped out by a loose trailer in Sweet Idaho.

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