Senate Approves Corn Amendment

to Allow Use of Dyed Fuel in Trucks


Sen. Kenneth Corn on Tuesday successfully amended a measure to allow for the use of dyed motor fuel in pickups, trucks or truck-tractors, provided that the operator has obtained a permit from the Oklahoma Tax Commission.

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Corn added the provision to House Bill 1418, which provides a sales tax exemption for surviving spouses of disabled veterans.  Dyed diesel fuel carries a lower cost than un-dyed fuel, and under current law its use is illegal for highway vehicles.  Corn said the proposal would provide much needed relief for Oklahoma farmers and ranchers struggling with soaring fuel costs.

“It’s becoming harder and harder for Oklahomans to make a living in the farming and ranching industry and the cost of fuel has certainly contributed to the problem,” said Corn, D-Poteau.  “By allowing trucks and tractors to operate on red diesel, we can provide some relief while regulating its use through the tax commission.”

The legislation requires users of red diesel to obtain an annual permit, not to exceed a cost of $100.00, from the Oklahoma Tax Commission.  Under current law, the use of red diesel is only permitted for off-road vehicles such as tractors. 

“Farmers and ranchers have certainly been among those most affected by the increased cost of fuel,” Corn said.  “This is a common sense proposal to help two of our state’s bedrock industries deal with a pressing issue.”

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