OHP Aircraft

Some of you may have heard that Sunday an OHP aircraft was in the area and that a few citations and traffic stops were made by myself and Trooper Trey Sheets of Texhoma.  Deputy Nathan Cobb assisted us by request and Undersheriff Derek Kincannon rode with OHP pilot Roy Anderson of Woodward as an observer.

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In case some may wonder how and why I’ll try to explain.  OHP has several small, single engine airplanes which are strategically placed all over Oklahoma.  These planes and pilots are used for transportation of troopers and administration when practical as well as other state personnel.  They are also used for search and rescue and other emergencies such as the medication drop during the blizzard a little over a year ago.
In the case such as today the pilot uses a high-tech stopwatch to check vehicle speeds over a distance such as a one mile stretch between section line roads.  This makes radar detectors useless since there is no radar signal.  It also is actually a “better deal” for violators since you get an average speed over a distance instead of a maximum speed such as is usually the case with radar.  The pilot calls down to ground units with speed and other observations.  We don’t do a lot of these assignments but occasionally we put one together.
You never know when there might be an eye in the sky……….
Trooper Duane Johnson #280

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