Bentley, Bannenberg both Take Deals,

Suspected Heroin is Hashish Instead

by C.F. David

According court documents obtained by The Boise City News, Rayannen Bentley and Nathan Bannenberg, the duo arrested on April 12 on drug charges have taken deals offered by District Attorney Mike Boring.
What were the original charges?
When arrested, the couple were hitching a ride with Terry Charley, of New Mexico; inside a duffle bag, purported to be Bannenberg’s was found marijuana, drug paraphernalia, and a substance that field tested as black tar heroin.
Charley, who was driving on a suspended license was later released.
What was the substance?
The substance believed to be heroin, was, with later testing, found to be hashish, a resin like substance secreted by the female cannabis plant, (marijuana) and then processed.

What was the punishment?

The felony charges against Bentley were dropped and she pled to misdemenor charges of possession of a controlled substance, (marijuana) and the unlawful possession of drug paraphernalia.

She was subsequently placed on a year’s probation, and fined $750, with addtional payments of $200.
District Attorney Mike Boring told The Boise City News that his office was satisfied that the bulk of the items were found in Bannenberg’s duffle bag, thereby giving Bentley the pass on felony charges.
Bannenberg pled guilty to:

  •    Possession of a controlled drug, (marijuana), with intent to distribute, a felony;
       Carrying weapons, a knife, a misdemeanor
       Carrying weapons a kubaton, a misdemeanor
       Unlawful possession of of drug paraphernalia, a misdemeanor

Bannenberg was given a ten-year sentence with the bulk suspended after his completion of the “Bill Johnson Program”. Go  to this link to see what  this program is about ,

  • In addition, Bannenberg received the following fines:
       $10, 000 with $9,000 suspended
    Addtional assesments totaling $1,350, and jail expenses.


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