by C.F. David 

A biplane, piloted by Regan L.Williams, the Asst. Attorney General for the state of Alaska, made a forced landing near Black Mesa Tuesday afternoon.

Williams, on his way home to Anchorage, Alaska from North Texas, told Cimarron County Sheriff Keith Borth that he had just passed over Black Mesa when he lost oil pressure and then oil from his engine. Looking for a place to set the plane down, Williams saw a rural road, and came in for an almost uneventful landing.

“He said that just as he got down, he was caught by a gust of wind, and it lifted him over a little rise beside the road,” Borth said.

The plane came to rest across the road from the Jack Wiggins ranch home northeast of Kenton.

“It looked to me like it was a two-thirds size replica bi-plane. It was bright yellow and had markings of the British Air Force,” Borth explained.

Borth added that Williams was uninjured in the incident.




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