OKLAHOMA CITY—Boise City High School sophomore Zach Prather shone at the Oklahoma State Capitol this week with his dedication and hard work serving as House Page for House Speaker Pro-Tempore Gus Blackwell. 


This is Prather’s first year to serve as a Page for the House. He is the son of David and Melissa Prather of Boise City.

The Oklahoma House of Representatives maintains a program designed to involve the best young people of Oklahoma in the government of the people. Every week the House hosts 25 to 30 pages to help them in daily House activities. In the evenings, the students get to enjoy their free time with each other by eating out, visiting tourist attractions and participating in their own mock legislature.

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This week Prather was selected to serve the role as Governor in the mock legislature. As Governor he is responsible for writing and giving a State of the State address.

In his speech Prather wrote, “We’ve made lasting friendships, shared with our state Representatives in the work of state government and tried to show people what a bright future our state has in its young people.”

He also added: “For young adults, like us, it is our time to rise up to the challenge of becoming the leaders of tomorrow and pave a path for those who will follow.”

Blackwell said Prather conducted himself in a manner proving the worthiness of his selection for the page program and his role as governor.

“It is always an honor to be a part of such a wonderful program that allows young Oklahomans to see how legislators work and gives them insight on someday pursuing a job of their own in politics,” said Blackwell, R-Goodwell. “This gives them an educational opportunity to see how government works—how laws are passed—so they can then go back and inform their peers. Zach excelled in all his duties. I could even see him one day being the governor of Oklahoma, not just the mock legislature.”

The Goodwell Republican said Prather’s academic strength and allegiance was confirmed by his service as a Page.

“It was an honor to work with Zach.” said Blackwell “He served his duties with distinction, bringing honor not only upon the House of Representatives, but also his family, school, District 61 and hometown. He would make a great leader for this state someday, and I look forward to seeing many more of his accomplishments.”

“I had such an awesome time and it was well worth coming and participating,” said Prather. “It was an honorable experience where I met many great people and made many new friends.”



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