The Cimarron Heritage Trail Scenic Byway, an Oklahoma Byway, has received a grant from the Federal Highway Administration. A meeting will be held on Tuesday, June 10th at 12:00 Mountain Time at the Senior Center in Kenton. Oklahoma Byway officials will present a program on the byway and the grant plans. The byway begins at Keyes and ends at the New Mexico state line west of Kenton, with several side trips planned to other areas in Cimarron County. The byway itself must be along a paved road.

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A light sandwich lunch will be provided for those who attend. Lunch will be informal with a question and answer session as well as the program presentation.

The group will be joined at 1:00 Mountain Time by representatives from New Mexico and Colorado. The three states are hoping to develop plans for a national scenic byway in the future, much like the old Dry Cimarron Scenic Byway.

It is hoped that the Cimarron Heritage Trail Scenic Byway will be an economic boost to our county, as will a future national byway. Topics to be discussed include creating a logo, better signage to popular areas, development of brochures, and continuing work on a Corridor Management Plan (which is required for national recognition).

For more information you may contact Phyllis Randolph at 544-3302 or Randolph

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