Does going over

100 mph mean

reckless driving???

I get this question fairly often. That depends on a lot of things. Every court may see speed alone a little differently but in my opinion it mainly depends on actual speed and traffic, location etc. 100 mph or even 70 mph inside Boise City should be called reckless driving in my opinion because that kind of speed endangers everyone and there are always a lot of people around. When vehicles go out of control at high speeds even people inside houses can be hurt or killed.
If a driver is going over 100 in a rural area it does not automatically mean reckless driving. Once again that depends on variables such as roadway, traffic etc. A speeding citation at over 100 means a high fine and major hit on your insurance. Reckless is almost a death sentence to your insurance rates and drivers license.


I can only think of about a dozen or so times I have written a ticket for over 100 mph. My record is 118 mph. Bad things can happen at speeds much less than 100. Over 100 means almost certain death if something bad happens. Please do not risk it.


In two words “Speed Kills”………………………..

Trooper Duane Johnson #280

Oklahoma Highway Patrol

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