Sale, Discharge of Fireworks are Prohibited

in Boise City,

Fire Ban Makes County Off-Limits,

Keyes Considers Ban


In their Monday night meeting the Boise City Council made the decision to ban the sale and discharge of fireworks, due to the extreme drought conditions.

The proclamation reads:

The sale and discharge of fireworks are prohibited in Boise City this summer due to the extreme drought and the resulting dry conditions. The Boise City City Council voted to suspend Title 6-2-8 of the Code of Ordinances at their June 9, 2008 meeting. This is the provision of the Code of Ordinances that would have allowed the sale and discharge of fireworks within the limits of the city during the period of June 25, 2008 through July 4, 2008. The City regrets the hardship and inconvenience this may cause, but the potential fire hazard that discharging fireworks creates for the community makes this action necessary.



City Manager Rod Avery made the point that the city probably had more burnable fuel than the equally dry rural areas. That doesn’t mean however that fireworks will be welcome or allowed in the rural areas of the county. At the Governor’s order, the county has been under a burn ban for several months, (since Feb. 18), now and that ban includes a paragraph regarding fireworks:

 Organized fireworks displays are allowed under this ban if the public fireworks displays are permitted by a municipality with jurisdictional authority and conducted by trained professionals with approval of the local fire department or State Fire Marshall’s Office.

None of these provisions will be fulfilled, so fireworks will not be welcome.

These decisions come on the heels of decisions by other cities, (Amarillo, Texas for one), to ban the fiery noisemakers due to dry conditions.

In a call to the Keyes City Hall, The Boise City News learned that they too are considering a ban.

“J. C., (City Manager J.C. Moser), has been on the phone talking to Keith Borth, (Cimarron County Sheriff), and trying to reach Bill Percifield, (County Commissioner District 3).” said City Secretary Linda Betts.

“We are inclined to ban them,” she added.






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