Eligible CRP Acres Allowed to Hay and Graze



The Cimarron County Farm Service Agency (FSA) is announcing that USDA has authorized certain acreage enrolled under the Conservation Reserve Program (CRP) to be available for critical feed use haying or grazing, beginning July 2, 2008. CRP participants may utilize their acreage for critical feed use or may lease the privilege to any other individual. All forage use must be completed by November 9, 2008.

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Any land, used under this program, must have a conservation plan specifying the use. No rental payment reduction will be assessed on contracts being utilized for this critical use. However, a $75 fee per contract will be charged to process the required contract modification at the time of election. This modification for critical feed use is only for the 2008 crop year. This action will provide much needed feed and forage while maintaining the conservation and wildlife benefits from the conservation program.

Nationwide, more than 24 million acres of land enrolled in CRP will be eligible for this critical feed use program. USDA estimates that this program will make available up to 18 million tons of forage worth $1.2 billion.

CRP participants may contact the Cimarron County FSA Service Center located at 210 S Cimarron, Boise City for more information. The telephone number is (580) 544-2401 Ext. 2.

Additional details including fact sheets, maps and statistics are available at




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