I think I have touched on this question in the past but it still gets asked of me occasionally. The answer is yes. We can and do work traffic anywhere in Oklahoma on public roadways. Even private ones if there is an injury. I try not to actively work in towns that have police departments since my area of direct responsibility are rural highways and county roads but I always handle offenses that happen in front of me regardless of where they are. Most troopers I know are the same way. It still amazes me that there are a few people out there who actually do not understand I can work on any publicly maintained roadway. If built with taxpayer money it is a public road. County roads, state and U.S. highways and city streets are all publicly funded and maintained. There is no law anywhere that says I can not work where I want to work. I never thought the term “State Trooper” was all that hard to understand…………….

Trooper Duane Johnson #280

Oklahoma Highway Patrol

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