“Can you cross the state line to write a ticket ?”

This is a good question that comes up a lot.  Especially since Cimarron County borders four other states.  I try not to work right on the state lines because many people intentionally cross into the state ahead thinking I can not cross the line.  This sometimes makes for a bad “contact”.  I have done much research on this very issue and have read a lot of both state and federal “case law”.  The short version is that anytime someone does this and drives across a state line on a misdemeanor traffic violation we must be in “fresh pursuit” meaning we must stay in visual contact with the violator.  We can make the stop and issue a citation/summons to the violator.  If they do not answer the summons or pay the citation their license could then be suspended.  We can not bring them back into Oklahoma on a misdemeanor.  Even on a felony we would have to jail them in the county jail of the county they were apprehended in then look at extradition procedures.  So, do not drive into another state intentionally thinking you will be getting out of something.  You could even be charged with failure to yield to an emergency vehicle or worse depending on the circumstances.  Take your citation then talk to a lawyer or appear in court if you feel wronged…….. 

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