Destry Elms graduated from Oklahoma School of Science and Mathematics on May 31, 2008, on the steps of the state capitol. Destry had attended the accelerated high school in Oklahoma City for his junior and senior years. The school is a two-year residential high school for academically gifted students in science, mathematics, and humanities. The 2008 class of 64 graduates was the seventeenth graduating class of the school. Destry was chosen to give the welcome and the first introduction of the ceremony.

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Destry was honored to receive the Robert C. Byrd Scholarship through the federally funded program which recognizes exceptional high school seniors who show promise of continued academic excellence and achievement. Two students from each congressional district in the nation are eligible to receive this scholarship. He also received a full four-year tuition scholarship to Oklahoma City University.

Destry plans to attend Oklahoma City University beginning June 26 and double major in cellular and molecular biology and chemistry. His future plans include medical school. Destry is the seventeen-year-old son of Erwin and Tamra Elms of Boise City.




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