Gary and Kathern Herber, of Texline, Texas, will celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary on Sunday, June 29, from 2-4 p.m. at St. Mary’s Catholic Church in Texline. The event is hosted by their children and grandchildren and their spouses; Belinda Miller, and Delbert and Pam Boyer, Katrina and Kyra Miller and Katyln Boyer, of Texline, Bryan and Leslie, and Alessa Herber, Chelsey Miller and son Ayden, of Amarillo of Amarillo, Texas. Gary Herber married Kathern Szaloy, on June 29, 1958, in Dalhart, Texas. They farmed for 28 years on a farm/ranch east of Texline. Since 1986 they have lived in Texline where Gary has ran a lawnmower/chainsaw repair business. He has worked for Texline I.S.D. as a busdriver and maintenance engineer and she also worked for the Texline I.S.D.

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