Milk, gas and beef –


Now that Andy is off the formula he is drinking cow’s milk. It’s only sold in liters here, but converted into gallons it comes to $13.50 for a gallon of milk. In today’s paper there was a story of a Korean dairy farmer pouring milk over himself in protest of the rising prices of the raw materials needed to manage his dairy yet the government has kept the price of milk the same. I feel sorry for the farmer but imagine what the price of milk will be if and when they get some relief by having the price of milk raised.

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Also, many Korean truckers and construction crews are on strike due to the high price of gasoline here. The gasoline is at around $8.77 a gallon, diesel is around that also. Of course most of the world’s governments pay the same price for a gallon of gasoline, but then it’s resold at a higher price to their citizens and levied with a tax. The U.S. is one of the countries with the lowest tax on its gasoline. If the Korean government didn’t levy such a huge tax on our gasoline we could be paying what Americans pay at the pump also but the Korean government taxes heavily to give to the public transportation system and other areas. Korea does have a wonderful transportation system, for that matter, but I think they could ease up on the gas tax now.

The protests over the American beef imports are still continuing. I think the protestors are silly (to put it very mildly) but I think the American counterparts don’t understand the gravity of the situation. They aren’t willing to budge an inch in renegotiating the contract to include a “no older than 30 month-old cow” to be added. It seems to be all or nothing on the American side, but on this side of the pond there’s no end in sight of the protests if it isn’t added.

Okay, just short and not-so-sweet today. Have a good week.


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