The Following is an Update on

Local Injured in ATV Accident

Dear Editor: 

C. F. I’ve been asked as well as heard many tales and versions about Chuck’s accident.  Try to be brief as to what happened and how he is.  We live in a great place where people sincerely care about each other.

 Chuck Hawkins Accident ~ How it really happened

by Sandy Hawkins


On May 17, 2008  about 2 p.m. Chuck and grandson, Ace Hawkins were east of town putting the buffalo back in the grass pasture by C & M Feeders.  Chuck was on the four-wheeler out in a CRP field when he ran upon an old bucket  that turned the four-wheeler on it’s side bulldozing Chuck head first into the ground.

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    Ace was on the road with pickup and trailer and saw it.  He was there in a flash, after turning Chuck over he called me and Tim and set the four-wheeler up.  Ace kept his head really well and gave me good directions. I called 911.  People started arriving,  EMTs, ambulance  and friends, sure glad to see them.  About eight people helped lift him on the scoop into the ambulance headed for Cimarron Memorial Hospital.  He had lots of face and head lacerations and problems in neck and back.

    Soon we left for Northwest Texas Hospital in Amarillo by ambulance where a cat scan showed an insignificant break in neck and compression fracture in mid back.  At midnight Chuck was flown by helicopter to University Medical Center in Lubbock.  He spent five days there, home a couple of days and then six days in hospital here for pain management and blood clots.

 He is home recuperating, still painful.  He walks outside most days a little like around the house.  The Dr. says no surgery just time to let it heal.  God is good as always!  No paralysis or brain damage.  This is not our Thank You but as you’ve read many many times before in this newspaper  “We are so fortunate in Cimarron County to have caring and trained EMT’s, hospital and staff”.

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