What part of PRISON

Don’t They Understand??

Tomorrow, a convicted killer, David Gordon Smith, will be up for his third parole hearing since being convicted of killing a Catoosa Police Chief in 1978.

Since officer J.B. Hamby died during a shoot-out at the Catoosa Tag Agency, Smith, who was sentenced to life in prison has been sent to a minimum security prison from which he escaped in 1985. He, along with his wife, were later captured in Spearfish, S.D.

Also, Smith has been allowed to marry, buy a home, and though under close supervision, participate in the Tulsa Run, what I can but assume is a marathon.

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I realize that convicted inmates, (except those sentenced to death), qualify for parole.

I’ve also read of them being married, either by proxy or in the prison, though I can never understand anyone wanting to marry an incarcerated inmate. Especially one sentenced to life in prison. Where is the future in that?

But I remember reading nothing that they get to get out of jail to run a foot race, especially someone who has already escaped… What’s that called? Training for the next attempt?

According to an article in Tuesday’s paper, Smith’s parole hearing is being held early. Why should he qualify for an early hearing?

Though he at sometime may qualify for parole, a convicted murderer with an escape in his folder shouldn’t even be considered until the very last second.

I hope at least the members of the parole board exercise a little common sense. In this case life should be exactly that, life.


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  1. no cop killer should be let out period, it should be
    immediate death row.

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