About those luggage racks”


Someone asked about luggage racks covering license plates. In the past few years the receiver type trailer hitches have became popular and along with them came luggage racks made to fit into the receiver. The problem is that the luggage or cargo placed on the rack usually covers the license plate on the vehicle. That is a violation in Oklahoma and I suspect would also be in all other states.

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To comply with the law, and you especially should when traveling across multiple states you should buy a connector that allows you to plug into the trailer wiring harness on your vehicle where you can place the license plate where it is visible and illuminate the plate with “plain white light”. The plate must be clearly visible.

I can already hear a few people groaning this is too much trouble. If you think a few dollars and a little time are not worth it ask yourself if you would rather be stopped and possibly fined a couple of hundred dollars??? Every state, county and city officer who sees you has the absolute right to stop you if they choose to for this offense. This is just something you must do if you decide to use a rack that will obscure your license plate……….




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