Cimarron Heritage Center to Sell Scrap

A couple who refer to themselves as the “young at heart” have been helping the city of Keyes to rid itself of trash, and junk.

The junk is collected by Cimarron Heritage Museum volunteers such as the “Young at Heart” couple. The items are crushed and sold, the proceeds are put back into the museum.

The project began in 1999, with the death of a city resident who had his own junk yard. The museum began hauling and crushing, the city provided a place outside the city for storage until the crusher could come; the system has been a win-win for both entities.

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Linda Betts, the Keyes City Secretary contacted the volunteers after the Keyes Community Development Group approached the city about cleaning up junk.

The group was concerned about their city’s image, and for health reasons, (rats and skunks), wanted the junk picked up.

“They said they wanted to do this, and so I called the museum,” Betts said.

“I had Larry, (Chief of Police Larry Taylor), drive around and make a list,” Betts added.

Betts explained that the city and the development group especially wanted the cars moved that were partially blocking the alley and encroaching on city streets.

It wasn’t always easy to get permission to haul off the vehicles.

“They, (the cars), are very near and dear,” Betts explained. “But we got the worst of them off the streets and out of the alleys.”

“We tried to get in touch with the owners when we knew who they were, and there are more cars we wish we could have moved.”

We also gathered up other stuff, refrigerators, washing machines, even bathtubs, anything metal,” Betts said.

We are going to leave it, (the project), open,” she said.

Another trailer load of scrap metal comes into the fenced area north of Keyes. Volunteers from the Cimarron Heritage Center gather the metal to be crushed and sold. The proceeds will go into the museum’s building fund.

 The trailer is then off-loaded. The volunteers make a “corral” with car bodies and place “white goods” i.e. washers, driers, etc., inside.

Other metals are accepted, aluminum, steel, iron, etc.

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