Fund Established For Keith Hunter
A fund has been established at The First State Bank of Boise City for Keith Hunter, at left. Hunter and his wife Shirley have been managing The Merc in Kenton. Just over a week ago Keith collapsed with a brain bleed. He was airflighted to Amarillo, and has undergone numerous tests, and two brain surgeries. He has been in a coma since he was taken to Amarillo, and when he awakens will need at least ten more days in I.C.U., plus therapy. The Hunters are without hospitalization and need our help.


Fund Established For Granddaughter of
Local Man

Jamie Cordoba, of Amarillo, is undergoing treatment for lukemia; the former executive assistant to Mike Shumate, former Potter county Sheriff, is the granddaughter of Eugene Boyd, of Wheelees.

With the loss of her job, Ms. Cordoba also lost her insurance coverage.

She needs monthly medications and platelet transfusions; expensive treatments.

A fund to aid in her treatment has been established at Herring National Bank in Amarillo.

Kent Breckenridge is the bank officer in charge, ( 1-806-677-7000.

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