OPSU has taken on a new look under new leadership  


by Scott Puryear


 Many area residents and former students have noticed the continuing physical improvements at Oklahoma Panhandle State University. The changes and building upgrades are due to the leadership of school president Dr. Dave Bryant and the team of professionals he’s appointed.

Bryant became the fourteenth president of OPSU in January of 2003. In five years he has championed the idea of a student-centered environment.

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Bryant inherited several internal and external situations that required both immediate and long term attention. Bryant looked at those situations as challenges and opportunities and immediately took charge of addressing them.

Among the first was the appearance and condition of the buildings and grounds on the Goodwell campus. Several improvements were necessary and many things needed to be done.

There have been many improvements, as well as a great deal of growth at OPSU. Bryant credits his team for facilitating the positive growth of the institution. He gives recognition to Larry Peters, Vice President, Fiscal Affairs, Dr. Wayne Manning Vice President, Academic Affairs and Outreach, Bob Scott Superintendent, Physical Plant, and Bob Rivers Grounds Supervisor.

OPSU covers 80 acres and a 2,100 acre school farm is nearby. The look and feel of the University has a new personality. It is attractive; the lawns, parking lots, athletic fields and golf course are managed with diligance.

Newer structures like the Noble Activity Center and the Aggie Apartments, the Science and Agriculture Building are set for use in the upcoming fall semester. A new 40×70 greenhouse sits near the Science and Ag facility.

Buildings on the campus, some which have been in service for 50 years or more have received makeovers in appearance and infrastructure (roofs, concrete work, painting, windows, wiring, heating and air, plumbing, sprinkler systems, landscaping, etc.)

A roofing job is complete on the McKee Library, and a great deal of work was done to its steps and the sidewalk. A beautiful three paneled mural and a plaque honoring World War II veterans graces its north wall.

The Student Union Building will undergo both interior and exterior improvements. Major work to the roof is underway, as are improvements to exterior drainage. Interior improvements in several parts of the facility are in the planning stages.

The list of improvements that accompanies the new campus structures is a detailed one. A number of area residents have supplied many positive comments about the school’s overall appearance. Many former students who return to campus for different events praise the building and renovation efforts, and the overall campus improvements.

The 2009, centennial year for OPSU will see celebrations and events beginning this fall and continuing through Commencement in 2010. Homcoming is set for Oct. 25 with the dedication of the Science and Ag Building.

As OPSU heads toward the start of another school year, students have more to look forward to than ever before due to the improvements to the campus by Bryant and his staff .

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