June 26th

Last Thursday Sage made the long haul to Alamosa CO. She started out her evening with a 2nd place in Barrels with a time of 17.807. In the poles she ran a 29.662 putting her in 9th place. In Goat tying she came in 6th place with a 17.95 and in trail Sage came in 7th place with a time of 45.811. To finish out her evening Sage and Shade Etbauer finished up in Dally with a 16.68 putting them in 2nd place.

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July 5th & 6th

Sage had a great weekend in Trinadad CO. She started her Saturday with the poles and came in 9th place with a 28.914. Sage came in 4th place in the Goat tying with a 12.69. In Dally Sage and her partner Shade Etbauer came in 4th place with a 20.93. In Barrels she ran a 17.691 and came in 13th place and to end her Saturday Sage came in 7th place in trail with a time of 32.855. She earned total of 95 points on Saturday.

On Sunday she started out 9th place in poles with a time of 26.618. In goats she had a smoking run with a time of 11.88 finishing her out in 2nd place. In Dally Sage and Shade came in 5th place with a time of 22.58. In Barrels Sage had a time of 17.294 putting her in 7th place and to end her Sunday came in 6th place in Trail with a time of 50-984. Sage tallied up 139 points for her Sunday performance.

In the average for Saturday and Sunday Sage is setting 8th in poles 3rd in goats 2nd in Dally, 6th in trail and 5th in Barrels.

Sage will be traveling to Lamar CO next weekend for her last Rodeo before the finals on the 26th of July to the 2nd of August.

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