These three Model Ts, two 1915s and a 1914 small truck are on their way from Flagstaff, Ariz. To Centerville, Ind. the site of the National Model T museum. The little cars that made Henry Ford rich and famous celebrate their 100th birthday this year. According to group spokesperson David Chance, The group left Arizona on July 5 and plans to be on the road for two weeks. They travel about 150 miles per day at speeds of 35 to 40 MPH. They stop every hour to ninety minutes to allow for the drivers and passengers to stretch. “It feels like you are riding in the bed of a truck, sitting on a box,” Chance said of the ride’s lack of comfort. They left Clayton, N.M. early Wednesday morning and were in Boise City, before noon on their way to Dodge City, Kan. by nightfall. They are followed by a support vehicle, a motor home pulling a trailer. It carries tools and parts, and makes sure faster traffic doesn’t overtake the cars too quickly.


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