Asked what he wants for Cimarron county and district 2, Incumbant District 2 commissioner replies, “I want to insure that the wind farm has no stumbling blocks, and that the county will be able to realize revenue off it. I want people moving here to live.”

“I’m working on and would like to get some assisted living for Cimarron County. I’ve been working with Michael Brown and Val Schott, of Rural Health We need something for those who don’t belong in a nursing home, but need some help.”

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“It would be a unit that had a dining hall, but also allowed the residents to fix meals in their own apartments if they wanted and they had the ability to live on their own.

Asked if this would be a facility owned by the county, Freeman said no, it would be a private for profit entity.

“I’ve been in contact with a developer,” Freeman said.

“We need affordable housing. That’s a problem right now, with the wind farm coming and Ports-to-Plains starting up; there’s no place for anyone to live.

Asked about Ports-to-Plains, the highway from Laredo, Texas to Denver, Colo., Freeman admits to concerns.

“They first said we’d have five overpasses, now they are talking about closing some of my roads and I can’t get an answer. We can’t impede the farm-to-market roads…we can’t do that.”

As for what’s new on the wind farm and Generation Energy of Virginia, Freeman reveals that the company has begun core drilling for soil samples for tower foundations, and that a company engineer could soon be living in the county.

“They are getting ready to move one of their engineers out here.”

“They have installed two more Met towers, (instruments to measure wind), and they have begun drilling core for tower placement.”

“I want to see wind towers across the county. This will eventually be a thousand tower wind farm.”

Asked about the immediate needs of Cimarron County District 2, Freeman replied, “District 2 roads are in excellent shape, my guys, (apparently including his opponent Fred Risley), have done a wonderful job. We have replaced two wooden bridges with concrete ones with no cost to the county.”

Asked what was on his wish list for his district, Freeman said, “I’d like to be able to pave and repave some of the roads. I’ve been talking to the state about paving the stateline road.

Asked if he felt all his bridges were safe and in good repair, Freeman replied, “Yeah, they aren’t as dangerous as some of the state bridges we have out here.

Asked what he sees for Cimarron County’s future, Freeman said, “We are just now starting to be a voice down state. They are hearing us, and I have several contacts down state.”

“This year we are starting to see more money from the leasing of state land. The governor was concerned that was unconstitional but once it was straightened out, every county in Oklahoma will benefit.”

“The Corporation Commission will help us with electrical transmission lines, and I’ve been in contact with the Southwest Power Pool, and ITC Transmission. This is going to mean we’ll see a lot of people out here and it will help our economy.”

Asked if he felt Generation Energy would soon be affecting the county’s economy, Freeman replied, “They’ve already begun to affect it with their lease payments.”

Freeman said that when constuction does begin on the wind farm, he’d like to keep as much money in the county’s economy as possible.

“I’d like to talk to the contractors, there is a lot we can’t furnish, but our merchants will be able to supply the nuts and bolt things they need. I’d like to keep that money here.”

Asked what he’d like the voters to know about him, Freeman replied, “That I take my job seriously.”

“My health is excellent. I get a CAT scan next Friday, and take my last chemo treatment. But my oncologist tells me my cancer is gone,” Freeman said.


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