Challenger Fred Risley,

a lifelong Democrat will face incumbent John Howard Freeman for Commissioner, District 2. Risley, an employee of District 2 for the past 24 years is challenging his boss. For the past 23 years he has been a boot and saddle repairman. He bought the business shortly after he took a 15 minute crash course in boot repair and fixed his own boots. “That first year I did about $11,000 in boot repair. Last year I did $1,450. Throwaway boots and tennis shoes have changed things. A good pair of boots are about $400; hand made are about $700.”

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Asked why he didn’t change his political affiliation and meet Freeman in the November General election, Risley shrugged, “My dad would’ve probably come out of the ground and kicked me. I’ve been a lifelong democrat.” Asked what changes he would make if elected, Risley said, “We are gonna have to go to work; and put some integrity in our work.” “We’ve been busy…yes, but we could do more.” “I think the county, (District 2), could do more for the town, (Boise City), than what they do. We need to clean up the town, and the county. There is always trash to pick up in the country. It gets neglected once in a while.” The county has quite a bit, [of roadway] in town. I feel we could do a little better in taking care of that.” “I realize the county is often busy in the country. The mail and school routes are a priority, and if it ever rains, we’ll be busy.”

Asked about any new projects he might like to see started, Risley said, “There is only so much you can do.” “I don’t know all the rules and regulations,” Risley admitted. “We need better bridges, but that’s expensive.” “I’d like to be commissioner, and I’d like to do the best job I could do. I’m 53 and I’ve wanted to be a commissioner for a long time, but I thought I was too young.” “I want to work with the other commissioners and the courthouse. We need to work as a community,” Risley said.


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