Ann Miller will celebrate her 100th birthday July 31, 2008. Her family would like to invite everyone to send Ann a birthday card congratulating her on reaching the century mark. Her current address is: Ann Miller, c/o Morton County Care Center, Box 937, Elkhart, Kansas 67950.

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Ann was born in Cimarron County and lived there all of her life, residing in Kenton and Boise City. With failing health, she has spent the past couple of years in the Morton County Care Center in Elkhart. Ann was always very active in her community. She was well known as the local Avon or Tupperware representative. She loved working with her flowers and was very active in the Delphinium Garden Club, serving as president for several years. She is a former Santa Fe Trail Daze Queen and was named Citizen of the Year by the Boise City Chamber of Commerce. She is a member of the St. Pauls Methodist Church in Boise City. Ann has seen a lot of changes in her life time. Born near Kenton, Oklahoma, Ann traveled from Kenton to Clayton, New Mexico and Boise City in a horse drawn wagon to get supplies. She experienced the transition from horse drawn wagons to modern day travel in automobiles and aircraft. She experienced the first county telephone service and the introduction of television, something we all take for granted today. Ann has always been known as a hard worker and loves being around friends and family. Please join us in wishing Ann Miller a very Happy 100th Birthday.



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