This week I had the privilege of meeting Jack Sisson. He is a 21 year old college student, from New Canaan, Conn.who is in-line skating across America! He came through Boise City Sunday on his way from Guymon. Pastor and Mrs. Ordean Nelson let him stay the night at their home and Monday morning he headed on his way to Clayton, N.M.

He is doing this to raise money for a charity called Action Against Hunger. I asked him why he would want to do that and he said he likes in line skating and wants to see the country… plus it gives him time to think!

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He started his amazing adventure in Yorktown, Va.on June 10. Ultimately he is going to San Francisco, Calif. He is planning on being there by mid September;

His whole trip is going around 3,400 miles, and has gone 1,700 so far. That is a lot of skating. He averages about 50 miles a day, the farthest he has ever gone in one day is 85 miles.

One of my main questions is how do you train for something like that? He said that he did a lot of leg and ankle exercises. He just started training in January and has apparently done a good job. He carries a pretty heavy back pack that has all of his stuff such as a tent, sleeping pad, emergency blanket, roller blade equipment, toiletries, snacks, maps, electronics, lots of water and a change of clothes.

He has been well received in every town he has been in… He has had many honks on the road that he has traveled. He hasn’t had much trouble from hooligans and for that he is thankful.

If you want more information his website is http://www.skateforhunger.comthere is a donation page there… to help with his cause. Keep Jack in your prayers!

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