You apparently don’t have to walk on land and breath air to have a foot fetish

I am constantly watching news agencies for something to pique my interest and sick little mind. Usually day to day…I’m not disappointed, and yesterday was no different. I was looking around and happened to see that in Washington D.C., (it’s usually them or Hollyweird), that the latest in spa pampering is….wait for it…fish pedicures.

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For the last four months, at Yvonne Hair and Nails, more than 5,000 people have placed their feet in tanks of water filled with hundreds of carp, (gura rufa), that nibble the dead skin off your feet.

It cost business owner John Ho $40,000 to set up his business, let’s face it, nothing is cheap in a spa. I’m betting each pedicure is at least $100 in the seat of liberty.

But, even at Boise City prices of $35, with 5,000 customers only having one treatment we are talking $175,000. Can you say capital gains boys and girls?

When the treatments began, they were in a communal pool, where as many as eight people sat together feet in pool, as the fishes dined.

The problem with communal foot soaking was twofold, first the health department wasn’t amused, and said whoa. Secondly and perhaps more important, the gura rufa are it seems, fish with a discerning taste. With 16 feet in the pool, not everyone’s feet got nibbled. The fish would often school at one pair of feet for their aqua picnic. How damaging is that to your self-esteem that fish won’t nibble at YOUR feet?

But of course as with anything, there are far-reaching ramifications to foot nibbling fish.

Imagine if you will, what this means to organized crime. No longer will the threat of “sleeping with the fishes” conjure up the fear the God Father intended. There goes the old neighborhood.

Then, imagine what might happen if Joan Rivers and her army of plastic surgeons latch onto this idea.

Next we’ll have Joan and Cher fat farms with piranha tanks…I can see the ads…come to sunny Hollyweird and lose 200 pounds in 15 minutes..guaranteed.










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