Alley Explores the

High Plains


Who would believe that you could live in one place and it is only about an hour to a whole other state? Well, my mom did not believe that I could be in one state to the next in a matter of minutes.

However, in three days I have seen dinasour tracks, dinasour bones, I have been in three states in one time, and I have seen Black Mesa.

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It first started off when I went to Clayton, N.M. on Thursday night to have dinner. When my mom found out where I was she thought it was impossible. Well, it was only about 45 minutes to get there. So When my mom said I can not go to different states that quickly, I decided to prove her wrong by traveling to multiple states in just a few days,…or even hours.

On Saturday my road trip took place. We headed off for Springfield, Colo. for a History lesson on Santa Fe Trail Regional History. But this trip was cut short so we had to come back to Boise City for a few minutes.

After we decided not to go back to Colorado we went to Elkhart, Kan. There, we did a little shopping and ate dinner.

In the end I had been to three states in the matter of three days and I have pictures and other little souvenirs to prove it. To go back and think of what I have done over the days I had a dinner in New Mexico on Thursday and on Saturday I had breakfast in Oklahoma, lunch in Colorado, and dinner in Kansas.

If you have never thought that could happen, come to Boise City and see for your self.



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