by Barbalee Blair

Yet another school year will begin before we know it! Students come back to Felt on August 13, and the teachers begin on August 8. Some events for the year aren’t new but always seem new such as Missoula Children’s Theatre. This year, the play will be Hansel and Gretel, and it will be coming together the week of October 6. We’ll be announcing production schedules, and we hope to see all of Cimarron County there to enjoy one of the shows. The renovated locker rooms are ready and the basketball schedule is set, with ten home games and ten away games, as are the class schedules, so now we await what matters most: the Bulldog students who are all about education!

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There will be some new teachers in Felt, and we’re excited about having such an excellent faculty. Lewetta Hefley will be teaching the first and second graders; she’s not new to Felt, of course, but this is a new position for her. A new teacher, Tanya Whisenhunt, will be teaching third and fourth grades. She happens to be married to another new teacher, Coach John Whisenhunt. Fifth and sixth grades will be in the charge of Beth Schantz. At the high school level, we’re reverting to some known faces rather than new ones. Chris May will be teaching science and Kevin Wells will be back in the math classroom. Originally from Texline, Christina Hidalgo will be teaching the English classes. None of those folks are new teachers, but some are new to Felt. One couldn’t hope for a better faculty to be in charge of the most important thing in a school: classes!

One of the most exciting changes for the students will be an excellent fine arts program. All of the elementary students will have official music classes. We’re still working on a way to fit that into the high school schedule. The fifth and sixth graders will be blessed to be able to take art classes from our own renowned Pat Myers.

We’re still busy installing new doors and working on the lawns, but Felt looks like a new place with all the renovations. The Felt reunion had a very large crowd last weekend, and all were impressed with the changes that are so visible at the school. We know that the less visible changes, such as the tuck pointing and the stem wall protecting the foundation, will keep us solid and strong for many years to come.

Felt will be hosting an ice cream social at 7 pm on August 5 to introduce the new teachers and ring in a new school year. We’re hoping everyone can come and join us in the Bulldog Way!

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