Two weeks ago on Saturday July 19 I went and watched Brooke Taylor in the Play Days rodeo. When I saw how much enjoyment she has in riding horses I decided to get her story out.


Brooke is 11 and has been riding since she was about three. “I have so much fun riding it is just enjoyable,” she said.

Brooke is the third generation of the Williams ranch. It started off with her grandfather, Cap Williams, then moved on to her mother, Christy Elliot, then to Brooke.

Now horses are not always so much fun. She has to clean the horses and clean their stables. In all, she has about 20 horses and that could be alot of cleaning.

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The real fun comes in when she is astride her horse and in the arena with her heart pounding and giving it her all. Her favorite horse to ride while at a rodeo would be Sisco, her step dad’s horse. The hard thing was to choose her favorite event but in the end she said poles were the best.

Brooke enjoys rodeo so she can see some of her friends and also meet new people. But sometimes things can become too competitive and Brooke said she sometime does not like that. She said that to her it is not always about winning, it is about having fun and enjoying what you do.

If you ever get the chance to go to one of these town rodeos, make sure to keep an eye out for Brooke. Who knows, maybe you just might make a new friend.

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