Charlie Wyche, of Teague, Texas, (just east of Waco), wants you to donate to your local food bank, and he’s riding to Craig, Montana trying to inspire you.

Wyche, 63, left his home at 3a.m., on Thursday, July 17; he arrived in Boise City, on Monday, the 28, just before noon.

He is a retired sailor and merchant seaman, and lives off his retirement and social security.

“First of all, I don’t want you to glorify me, but God. For without him I cannot walk, and he keeps me fed.”

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As I’ve been in different countries I’ve seen malnutrition, where you can see the ribs, the swollen belly. This is one man’s neglect of another.

Ninety-seven percent of the people in Indonesia live on .97 cents a day. They have no sanitary water, they drink from ditches. They have huge stores, but very few can afford to shop.

“In Italy, there is very little middle-class, you are either rich, or poor.”

“Do you remember in one of Jesus’ parables he talked of leaving grain alongside the field for the poor? We don’t do that anymore. In vegetable fields the culls are piled up to rot. We need to get back to what Jesus taught us. There is enough food to feed everyone.”

Wyche spent 20 years in the navy, and another 19 on merchant ships before retiring and eventually riding a bike to combat hunger.

“One thing you always have to remember about being aboard ship…you’re always sailing toward a storm. If you sail far enough you’ll find it.”

“As I’ve been riding, I’ve seen a lot of cemeteries and memorials. One probably had more than $2 million in gravestones. Do you know it’s easier to get money to put up a memorial than it is to feed the hungry? That’s not right.”

“I always wanted to help but wondered what can I do? I want people to give money to their food bank, money goes further than canned goods,” Wyche said. “But I don’t have all the answers.”

Wyche, trained and planned for more than a year for his trip.

“I’m riding a Wal-Mart bike and I wore out three of ‘em. I started out riding a mile a day, then two, then 20 and then 60 miles a day.”

Asked if he was concerned as he slept along the road, he said, “If you fear the Lord, you have nothing else to fear.”

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