Are We Dumb Enough To Fall For This?

I have in the past criticized President Bush and even remarked that he didn’t need a press aide.

That was then, this is now. My question is: Does Obama even need an election committee and volunteers? Three network anchors followed him on his recent tour of Europe and the Middle East. In the meantime lesser reporters were assigned to follow McCain, sometimes only one.

Less than a month ago, The New York Times, ran an editorial written by Obama, (more likely one of his legion of writers, hell, maybe Katie Couric wrote it), but they denied John McCain equal access. It was to me, a slap at the First Amendment and a gutless decision. What does the Times fear? That McCain might have an original thought? The implication by the national media is that Obama has been anointed, why even vote? And they think Bush stole an election???? Who are they kidding?

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Then there are the wives. The media big three, CBS, NBC, and ABC talk of Michelle Obama and her trek to success. She is successful; for a middle class woman with a brain, reared in Chicago, with a good education, an excellent law school and a fantastic job. Oh, and let’s not forget she is tall, slender and pretty. But with all that going for her, she has just recently become proud of her country? The nation that gave her the chance to become successful? What’s wrong here?

Let’s look at Cindy McCain, she too is young, slender and pretty. But born into a wealthy family. Mrs. McCain runs an inherited beer distributorship and though she is wealthy, most of the stamps on her passport are from nations like Rwanda, India, the Congo, Kuwait, (while wells burned), Nicaragua and Bangladesh, places I’m not even sure Michelle Obama has been. These were all missions of mercy, often bringing doctors and nurses. She spends her own money on these projects, and is a board member of Operation Smiles, which helps individuals stricken with cleft palates. Where did I hear of most of this? Not on the Network 5 o’clock news, but on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno. I don’t consider Fox News and Bill O’Rielly to be fair and balanced…or without a spin zone. But the big three this year are an embarrassment to objective news reporting.

As voting age Americans we don’t want Katie, Brian and Charlie’s opinions, we want the news…not perfect, but as balanced as possible.

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