The Great Climb


On Saturday I went on a trip to Black Mesa. We decided to climb to the top for a day and see what it was like since I have never been there.The Black Mesa is the highest point in all of Oklahoma and it is located in the Northwest corner of Cimarron County.

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The trip started off with driving to the Mesa to start our 4.2 mile hike to the top. On the way to the base of the Mesa there was a lot to see. I saw a lizard and the one of the most beautiful landscapes you could ever see. The climb up was a little harder than we thought but we made it up there. We did not go to the highest point but at least we made it to the top.

At the top of the Mesa we had a picnic under a little tree. After we ate we decided to explore the top. I saw a vulture, a snake, another lizard, a Horned Toad, and the biggest butterfly I have ever seen.

Once I was at the top I did not want to make the trip back down.But the trip had to come to an end.But the trip back was not as easy as I thought. On the way back it started to get hotter and the sun was just over our heads so it beat down on us. It was like walking through the desert. At the slow rate we were going I thought I was never going to make it back to the car.

About half way to the begining of the trail we were saved by C.F. and Grandma Linda. I can actually say I have never been so happy to see anybody in all of my life. He gave us more water and helped us make our way back. And slowly but surely we made it back.

I do not know if this is a trip I will want to take again but I do know that climbing that Mesa was a lot of fun and I really enjoyed it.

Hopefully, if anyone ever wants to try this hike make sure you have a lot of water and sunscreen.

I am sure this climb would be a lot better if it was in one of the cooler months.

I can say that this trip is helping me make my list of all the places I want see. I would like to see Mt. Rainer in Washington and climb it, also Mt. Rushmore but that does not mean I want to climb up one of the Presidents’ nose.



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