If There Were a 12-Step program…
My Name Is Bill
 I could very well be the only man to ever admit this. I kinda like station wagons.

I know, I know, they have stodgie reputations, they’re slow, they develop rattles early in their lives, they look clunky, but I’ve always liked them.

The Chrysler Corporation built one with a rear facing seat…didn’t like that too much, too easy to cause carsickness…to foment the vomit…if you will.

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I’ve owned several, my two favorites were a 1965 Dodge Dart, and 1972 Ford Fairmont. Each have their stories, the ‘58 Ford Fairlaine, the 1964 Chevy Impala included.

I always wanted an Olds Vista Crusier, but never got there.

I like wagons so much I’ve even entertained the idea of owning a hearse.

When station wagons began to fall out of favor, Detroit, lured soccor moms with mini-vans. A wagon of another color so to speak. Eventually, the sordid station wagon rep attached itself to mini-vans, so Detroit went back to the drawing board and invented…the mid-sized SUV, then came the oversized SUVs I have never understood, Lincoln and Caddilac never built wagons, but they latched on to SUVs. Who’da thunk??

One of my sons, in need of a good car, (with several kids at home), turned his nose up at a really clean Buick midsize wagon I’d found. “Dad he whined I don’t want a station wagon.”

He eventually bought an SUV, a glorified station wagon with four wheel drive, but if he took that thing to the river…momma would bury him under it.

Now as gas reaches $5 a gallon, Detroit has done another turn, wagons are out, mini-vans are passe, SUVs cause global warming, (along with belching cows, or so I’m told), so now we have…the crossover. It ain’t quite an SUV, but we don’t have to call it a wagon; even though Ford’s midsize version, the Flex is boxy, just like my old ‘58 Fairlaine. But I wish I had one.

Someday, some marketing genius will be seated in a dentist’s office thumbing through its decades old magazines and receive inspiration like a bolt from the blue…”WOW!!! That new multipurpose vehicle we’re bringing out model year after next…we’ll call them….Station Wagons. The full size we’ll call a Conastoga, the midsize we’ll call the buckboard and the compact we’ll call…the Flyer.”

He’ll turn it in on Monday, and probably get enough of a bonus to build a pool and…buy a station wagon.

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