A mechanic works on the electrical generator on the wind tower recently installed at Yarbrough School in Northeast Texas County.

by Alley Jackson

There are new ideas for generating energy. One is wind energy. Yarbrough School has decided to power the whole school with a windmill. They have installed a small wind system to cut down electricity costs. The wind system is on the corner of the school grounds and it is to produce 1/3 to ½ of the school electricity needs.

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To make sure that the school could run on wind energy alone, there was some research done at the school. When I asked Shelby Walton, a man that works with Western Wind System, why they chose Yarbrough school, he said “the school fit the criteria to generate the wind system.” He also said that the school also had the desire to have a wind turbine.

The wind generator, an Entegrity EW50 is held up with 5 1/3 yards of concrete under each leg , a total of 16 yards of concrete. This is a 50-kilowatt wind turban.Tri-County Electric is hooking the generator sometime this week. The whole project cost $180,000 with a 3% loan through Oklahoma Department of Commerce’s “Energy Loan Fund for Schools” program. It is to be repaid in nine years. In nine to 12 years, it is estimated that the project will pay for itself. The turbine should have a life of 30 years.

Yarbrough School will be the first school in Oklahoma to generate its own energy. Moscow School, in Kansas, and Pratt University, also in Kansas, are two other schools to do the same. Yarbrough’s Superintendent, Mr. Wiggins, said that he thinks that more schools would like to do the same. He also said that some schools are uncertain about the idea but if they see how well it could work they may want to do the same.

The system will start running in late August , early September and should be ready for the ’08-’09 school year. To learn more about the EW50 turbine, visit http://www.entegritywind.com. The turbines are being promoted for any school who is interested and willing.

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